How it works

Identify Your Interests and Goals

We understand the world is full of fascinating things. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out where you can use your potential to the fullest. Discover your interests, upload your academic scores and take our tests: We’ll recommend your customised learning journey and help you improve your scores with milestones and targets at each step.

Evaluate Your Standing

You’re not the only one dreaming big. Thousands - no, lakhs - of other students are aspiring to get into their dream college and become the successful professionals of tomorrow. The competition is intense, so knowing where you stand on regional and national levels helps you achieve your goals. Just the way you would like to get there.

Excel in and beyond school

Get those big numbers and awesome grades on your marks card that teachers and parents love to see. Be influenced by nothing but facts: We combine your academic scores, your interests, your aptitude scores and your abilities to help you choose your subjects (if you’re in class 8, 9 or 10) or the course and college you can pursue (if you’re in class 11 or 12).


What’s In It For Schools?

An understood student is a motivated student. And motivated students get the best results. We offer your teachers a handy tool to understand each student based on their customised profiles and recommended learning paths - so they know exactly how they can improve the performance of the class within set time frames.

Apart from the unique, insightful data and the customised suggestions that you get for each student, you get to:

Assess And Realize Your Students’ True Potential

We offer a school dashboard where you can access each student’s data and understand their unique roadblocks. This helps teachers create innovative ways to guide a student towards fulfilling his or her true potential in each subject. This will also tell you how well your students are faring as compared to the students of other schools.

Take Your Students Through Their Personalised Learning Journey

We provide a counsellor’s dashboard here you can follow the steps to discuss each student’s assessments and learning plans with them, one-on-one; or with their parents. Our counsellors will provide the training and certification required to take this forward.

Here’s How You Go About It

If you are a Student

Sign Up and Create an Account

Complete your profile with your name, class, board, grading system and interests.

Upload Your Academic Scores

So we know how you’ve fared and where you stand.

Take Our Comprehensive Tests

We will then complete your customized profile and tell you what to do next.

Get Your Personal Learning Coach

Have a chat with our counsellor and set off on the path to success!

If you are a School

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